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Pretty Pashminas

Pretty Pashminas >> Beyond the Perfect Bridesmaid Present

We were just perusing Dessy, one of our favorite bridal sites, to see if they might have anything special for the holiday season  and stumbled upon these pretty pashminas. Wrap the special gals in your life in luxury! Pashmina shawls are elegant for evening or formal wear, and stylish for casual wear too. Wrap a pashmina stole around bare shoulders for a touch of late-evening warmth, or tie around your neck for casual panache. They not only make perfect bridesmaid gifts but they are lovely holiday gifts, birthday gifts and any time gifts. In addition to weddings, think holiday party attire, New Year’s party dress accessories, gala formal wear, and special occasion celebrations of all kinds. We think every well-dressed gal should own at least one, and preferably multiple, pretty pashminas. And at just $28.00 they will not blow your budget but still look very expensive.

What makes Dessy’s pashmina shawls special is their 35 different colors, custom dyed for flawless matching with Dessy dresses and accessories and just as pretty even if you have no need to match your wedding attire. These pashminas are woven from 60% fine merino wool and 40% silk. They are approximately 27″ wide x 72″ long, plus fringe. #sopretty

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